The deputies substantially increased the financing of the sanatorium-resort centers of Supreme Council and the State Administration in the new budget. Besides, in today's parliamentary session, discussing the draft budget for 2011, the Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Shevchuk said that "for financing the sanatorium-resort complex, Supreme Council Administration gave for 12 millions more than last year, and this is at a time when "the vast majority of people’s deputies do not use these centers. 

He also stressed that the draft budget is planned to increase the financing of the State Administration institutions by 34 millions, so it turns out that in Ukraine "the crisis is for people and for the authorities have apparently come communism. According to him, "you have brought this figure to a record high - 131 millions" 

At the same time, the leader of a political party “Change Front "Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the treatment of one official costs as 4026 people. "This in the country where 70% of the population lives at 1000 UAH per month" - said the politician.