The resignation of the Minister Dmytro Tabachnyk is not far off. The people’s deputy informed, the head of "For Ukraine”! party Vyacheslav Kyrylenko commented the registration of the appropriate draft decree on appeal to the President of Ukraine about the termination of authority of Dmytro Tabachnyk as Minister of Education, Youth and Sports.

The text of draft regulations and explanatory note on the official portal of Supreme Council are not yet.

We’ll remind that before the signing of Presidential Decree of administrative reform, whereby the Ministry of Sports joined the Ministry of Education headed by Tabachnyk, Kirilenko asked President Viktor Yanukovych to release Dmytro Tabachnyk. "In numerous Ukrainian phobic statements and publications this minister," discovered "himself from a professional site and ... Curtailment of education reform, the return of corruption in the institutions of higher education, a failure of the admission campaign - all is a merit of Tabachnyk," - said then the people’s deputy.

By Liha.News.