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Russian oligarchs put an eye on the Ukrainian golden mine.

Russian oligarchs put an eye on the Ukrainian golden mine.

The famous Russian businessman Mikhail Rohorov plans to buy gold producer with the Ukrainian assets. He said, he interested in gold mining in Ukraine. 100% shares of gold producer Supatcha Resources Inc. (USA) with assets in Ukraine can go into the hands of Russian oligarchs.

According to the Supatcha message on Tuesday, the first proposal of the purchase at the price of $ 1.75 per share made OXM Group, then the offer of Rustamov Group was made for $ 2.5 per share. The report detailed that Prokhorov helped the Supatcha company to acquire the rights for the two minefields in Ukraine earlier this year.

As for the Rustamov Group, U.S. company announced that this is an investment firm in Moscow, supported by several well-known and reach Russian families.

We’ll remind that, in early April 2010 the Supatcha bought for $ 7.5 million 90% Poltavas Capital Management Ltd (British Virgin Islands), owns by Ukrainian company Golden Gates, which, in turn, belongs a licenses for development of Barlevskyi and Vynogradivskyi golden mines. In the ate September the Supatcha acquired 98% of Travneva golden mine, Savransky district, Odessa region for $ 3.5 million. Still $ 2.8 million more Supatcha intends to invest in expanding production at this mine over the next year. Finally, on December 7, the Supatcha Resources announced about the purchase of 50% of Balka Shyroka golden mine (Nikopol, Dnipropetrovsk region.).

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  • Сергій Алілуйко June 27, 2011 5:28 pm
    Виявляється на Україні золото добувають?! Жалко, звісно, що американці за російські гроші...
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