In case of arrest of Yulia Tymoshenko, during her today's visit to the  Prosecutor General BYuT promised to answer the current authorities adequately and promptly. But what will the response, MP, Deputy Head of the BYuT faction in the Supreme Council of Ukraine Serhiy Sobolev did not specified, pointing out that those who do it - then will be very sorry about it.

"From this government one can expect anything. But because of so-called accusations, where only policy and nothing else, I do not think they have enough reason to arrest ... Tymoshenko is not Ukrainian Khodorkovsky. She is a person that will have the fate of all those who after such an actions had the opportunity to "thank" the authorities. This will be the last step of Yanukovych before his "political death"- said Sobolev.

We remind, today at 14:00 Yulia Tymoshenko is summoned to the Main Investigations Directorate of the Prosecutor General, where she is probably brought the charge. Some politicians entertain the possibility of arrest.

On December 15 Tymoshenko has been at the examination where she was told about the initiation of criminal case because of improper use of funds by the Cabinet of Ministers, which were obtained under the Kyoto Protocol. Later it became known that she is under the travel ban.

By Liga.News.