Pshonka Was Afraid To Speak To The Deputies Of The Verkhovna Rada

Pshonka Was Afraid To Speak To The Deputies Of The Verkhovna Rada

Today in the Verkhovna Rada was planned the speech of the Procecutor General Victor Pshonka with a report about a fight between the deputies in the parliament on December 16 this year. However, the deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine Yevhen Blazhevsky came to inform the deputies about the results of the preliminary investigation.

When the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Volodymyr Lytvyn announced his speech in the hall from the opposition site were made cries: "Where is the Procecutor General?" In response, the chairman of Verkhovna Rada said that "according to the parliament's decision, General Prosecutor Office should deliver the report", i.e. the speech was not provided specifically by the Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka.

The speaker of the Verkhovna Rada said on the dissatisfactions of deputies from the "BYuT-Batkivshcyna" faction: "You should have come to the session hall and pressed your point".

We remind that on December 16, the deputies of the faction "BYuT-Batkivshchyna" blocked the work of Parliament. In the evening, deputies from the Party of Regions entered the session hall from the Presidium door, through which come the leaders of the Verkhovna Rada, and beat deputies "BYuT-Batkivshchyna" deputies and pressed back them to the session hall.

Five deputies from the "BYuT-Batkivshchyna" faction were taken by the ambulance with injuries. On December 21 Kyiv General Prosecutor Office initiated a criminal case under Art. 344 Part 2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (interference with activities of the statesman) on the materials of pre-investigation checks on the events of December 16 in the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to UNIAN.


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