Yesterday, on June 8 in the centre of Lviv, in the square before the Opera House, modern ambulances by Renault company were presented, which in the nearest future would be produced by LAZ bus plant for the needs of Lviv for Euro 2012.

Deputy Prime Minister - Infrastructure Minister Borys Kolesnikov took part in this presentation.

"The machines are from France, but I think in the next few months LAZ mastered the manufacture most of the details. I think that for Lviv it is a very interesting project, so I wish the city and the plant success and prosperity. In connection with the championship, today I'm filled with the positive emotions day by day more and more, but positive emotions will be after July 2, after the final. It's planned for Euro 2012 to manufacture 250-400 ambulances. One such car will cost from 70 to 80 thousand euros, unlike in France, such a machine costs 100 thousand euros. As far as I know, Renault plan wants to produce trucks and vans"- said Kolesnikov.

Until the end of the year, each Euro 2012 host city will receive 25 such vehicles.