UEFA: Ukraine is ready for Euro 2012 by 80%

UEFA: Ukraine is ready for Euro 2012 by 80%

Ukraine's readiness for Euro 2012 until now is at 80%, Executive Director of UEFA Events SA David Taylor has said.

"Now, the readiness of Ukraine for Euro 2012 I would rate at 80%", - said Taylor.

On the question of what is the main problem of Ukraine, to his mind, in preparation for Euro 2012, Taylor has said: "I mainly represent football side, so for me it is important to have stadiums in Kiev and Lviv finished. The next item I would call airports of all the host cities, and the third it's a common infrastructure".

It is worth to note that reselling of the final matche tickets to Euro 2012 begins next week. At a special portal, fans who haven't bought tickets earlier, will have the chance to buy devout tickets to Euro 2012.



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