Libyans captured 32 Ukrainians

Libyans captured 32 Ukrainians

The number of Ukrainian prisoners in Libya increased to 32 people. According to unofficial data, four Ukrainians are in the grasp of Tripoli, according to rumor, a former "Al Qaeda" fighter, Abdelhakim Bel Hadj. And the rest are in a rather aggressive revolutionaries of the city Zentai.

"The building of relations with the new government of Libya, of course, can have a positive impact on solving the most important issue for us - our citizens in this country. We are currently negotiating, we don't call any timing. In Libya itself is establishing the power and forming state bodies' - said Foreign Minister speaker Oleksandr Dikusar.

Earlier it was reported that Libya arrested 23 Ukrainians, who were allegedly hired to work at the facilities of Libyan oil industry. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry demanded an explanation from Libya on the detention of citizens of Ukraine in Tripoli.


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