Recently, in the territory of Chaika (Seagull) Sports Complex «Hyundai Motors Ukraine» has officially transferred lots of Hyundai cars to Local organizing committee «Ukraine Euro-2012». Within the event took place the first training on safe driving for 77 volunteer drivers, selected by UEFA .

The best instructors of the country will terain volunteers. The  main task is as soon as possible to develop skills of safe and comfortable driving, as well as the ability to navigate in extreme situations.

Trainings will take place in all host cities in Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Donetsk and Kharkiv.
Volunteers start their work in December, when the first guests arrive to Ukraine for the final draw.

Hyundai and "Ukraine Euro-2012" cooperation began in September 2010. Since then Ukrainian distributor of the "Hyundai Motors Ukraine" gave committee at about 50 cars. By April, there will be 180 cars in the Committee.