Polish President to visit Ukraine

Polish President to visit Ukraine

The President of Poland B. Komorowski plans to visit Ukraine on November 28. Komorowski is to take part in the ceremony, where will be discussed the construction of the Polish military cemetery in Bykivnia near the capital of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, it's planned to build a memory's gates, altar and other facilities in the military cemetery in Bykivnia. On the memory's gates will be listed 3400 names of the victims of the Stalinist regime. The cemetery will be located on the reserve called "Bykovnyanskie mogily (graves)". The area of ​​the cemetery will be at about 7 thousand square meters. Meanwhile, J. Wieczorek-Tshaska, the spokesman of the presidential office, has announced about today's visit of Polish President to Ukraine. She's said that the final visit program of the Polish President is being agreed.


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