Israeli President Shimon Peres has said the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych is the person who creates the newest history of Ukraine.

Peres said that this was historic visit of the President of Ukraine to Israel. "This is a historic visit. We accept the person who creates the modern history of Ukraine, a new future of the new country", - the President of Israel said.

He has welcomed the fact that the Ukrainian head of state is trying to build bridges between East and West. "The President, who builds not walls, but ties between the East and the West of Europe. Between Past and Future of Dictator", - Peres said.

He expressed confidence that President yanukovych’s visit would contribute to deepening bilateral cooperation between our countries. According to him, this collaboration will be built in the name of peace and welfare of both countries. "I congratulate you and bless you on behalf of the people of Israel" - Peres said to Yanukovych.