According to the tender results, on November 7 Ministry of Internal Affairs signed an purchase agreement with NPF "Metsenat" on 1500 electronic translators Ectaco iTRAVL with speech recognition and voice output.

The transaction value was 5.5 million hryvnia. "Public Procurement Bulletin" reported. The devices, purchased at 3,700 hryvnia, have a voice phrasebook, which recognizes and sounds 14,000 most popular English and Russian phrases. In November, the Ministry's press service reported that in the regions hosting EURO 2012 13,930 police officers would learn foreign and 12,890 - in other regions.

It was also promised that 8,000 of cadets, graduates and employees of the ministry's higher educational institutions would acquire English at a conversational level by nexy year. At the moment 8,000 police officers have a basic knowledge of English.