Ukraine celebrates St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Day

Ukraine celebrates St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Day

On December 19 Ukraine celebrats St. Nicholas the Wonderworker Day. Celebrations will be held throughout the country to mark this special occasion.

In particular, in Kiev, on Independence Square, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych will light the main New Year tree of the country. In the Great Hall of Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music will take place the New Year's performances withing the art project "New Year tree, light up!" for orphans, children deprived of parental care, disabled children, children from low-income families, neglected and homeless children, children affected by the Chernobyl disaster, children whose parents have died from accidents at work or on duty, talented and gifted children.

In every district of Kyiv and every regions of Ukraine will be celebrations for children. The holiday coincides with the day of the Nicholas' death, Archbishop of Myra, who died on the day of the goddess Diana (about 345 years) according to pagan calendar. On this day in Christmas fast orthodox christians are allowed to eat fish. On this day St. Nicholas brings children gifts and hides them under a pillow.



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