Believers celebrate Epiphany today

Believers celebrate Epiphany today

Today, on January 19, Orthodox Christians and Greek Catholics celebrate one of the oldest Christian holidays - Epiphany.

By tradition, the ceremony of blessing of the water held in the open air, on the banks of rivers, streams and lakes. On the eve of Epiphany, the large cross is cut out from the ice ("Jordan") and put it next to the ice-hole.

The cross is put vertically and often poured with beet kvass, why it acquired a red color. The cross was also decorated by periwinkle and branches of pine.

Christians celebrate the Epiphany by diving into the icy water to be purged from all evil.



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  • Руслан Кравцов January 19, 2012 3:17 pm
    Главное лезть в ледяную воду с правильно настроенными мозгами. Если есть сомнения или страхи - лучше не рисковать. В случае сомнений или опасений заболеть, "боженька" не поможет.
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