Industrial Union of Donbass (ISD) sells Russian group "Magnesite" controlling stake of one of the largest metal traders of the country - Ukrainian mining and metallurgical company.

This decision is explained by the desire of ISD co-founder Vitaliy Haiduk to go out of business, says "Kommersant-Ukraine". In the Antimonopoly Committee reported on authorization by Trotio Holdings Limited (part of the Russian group "Magnesite") to purchase over 50% of the shares of "Ukrainian Mining and Metallurgical Company" (UMMC). Officially the parties don't comment this information but a source conversant with the terms of the deal, says that it concerns 50% +2 shares of UMMC.

The interviewer said that the deal, value of which is not disclosed, is concerned with the release of Vitaly Haiduk from the shareholders of ISD.