Poland won't abolish visas for Ukrainian fans during the European Football Championship Euro-2012, as Poland has agreed under the Schengen agreement.

"We cannot cancel the visa, because there is agreement within the Schengen agreement which we joined. We invite Ukrainian fans to Poland, I believe that they receive a fast, convenient service at the consulates of Poland, which our country in the Ukraine has more than other EU countries", - Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said.

In September 2011, Poland has simplified the procurement of Schengen visas for Ukrainian citizens. To avoid queues, Ukrainians register their applications online, and then they are assigned specific dates and times when they should apply. An visa application is considered for a week. The fee for Schengen visas for Ukrainians is 35 euros (such categories of citizens, as students, journalists, conference participants are exempt from this fee).