The International Monetary Fund can refuse to give Ukraine a loan, if it does not adhere to democratic principles, Deputy U.S. Secretary Philip Gordon said.

"Note that the International Monetary Fund typically focuses on specific economic indicators. But I must say that when a country violates democratic principles, international organizations, even purely financial ones to maintain such state.  Especially at a time when many other countries are trying to get loans from the IMF", - Gordon said.

"So, even if democracy is not a formal criterion for the IMF, I think it's fair to say that the international community will be less inclined to support a country that does not adhere to democratic principles", - he added.

"When we say that Ukraine needs to make some changes before our relationship starts to develop, it is an objective necessity. And finally, if the relations between Ukraine and the European Union and the world are not conduct, it will be very disappointing for us. But most of all Ukraine loses itself", - Deputy U.S. Secretary of State said.