USA wants to impose sanctions against Ukraine

USA wants to impose sanctions against Ukraine

Ukraine makes steady progress to international economic isolation.

So the ex-Minister of Economy of Ukraine Viktor Suslov understood the statement of the USA Assistant Secretary Philip Gordon on a direct link between the problems in the negotiations with the IMF and the problems of the Ukrainian democracy.

Suslov explains that because of criminal prosecution of opposition and nonfulfillment PACE recommendations, USA can simply refuse to give the next tranche to Ukraine. The number of votes among the IMF shareholders allows America to ban virtually any Foundation's decision, the expert has said.

"The USA, in essence, today has introduced sanctions against Ukraine. They have obviously blocked Monetary Fund loan. There are other possible sanctions. It's a bad signal to investors. This is a bad signal to the EU, which now obviously freezes all previous agreements on the creation of a Free Trade Area", - Suslov said.



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