Corporate merchandise is a necessary element of business culture

Corporate merchandise is a necessary element of business culture

As we know, corporate merchandise is an essential element of business culture. Decorated shot glass, ashtrays, cups with applied logo or text greeting keep their ground in the ranking of the most popular promotional tools to increase the loyalty of partners, customers, clients and employees.

A prime example is the request made by "Danko Decor» for «VLASOV'S MIROSHNIK". In honor of his five-year period the company gave its employees corporate kits, consisting of a pitcher and 6 cups, which was affixed to the "Company" VLASOV'S MIROSHNIK, "five years". This decoration was made by screen printing.

The company "DanCo Decor" as an absolute professional, offers a full range of services in the creation of corporate glass products for your company.

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