Architectural  art workshop “Florence"invites to the business partnership and mutual beneficial cooperation the project and building organizations and private architects and designers as well.

For the partners there are a flexible reduction system,convenient systems and forms of payment.

The workshop “Florence" produces only qualitative underline;">moulding decoration made of gypsum,of the ideal geometric form with a deep significant profile and a precise pattern.

Do a step towards the ancient cultural traditions,ecology,a comfortable and safe home!Gypsum is a unique material:does not burn,in case of fire it becomes a fire barrier.Due to its porous structure gypsum moulding has a function of a natural climate control in an apartment.It is hardly a material that fits to a human so ideal.

A hand made producing of the architectural details of an extra solid gypsum differs from the polyurethane and polystyrene goods of a wide use,allows to achieve a high quality,a deep exactness,elegance and being inimitable.