Parking Fee Officially Included into the The draft Tax Code

Parking Fee Officially Included into the  The draft Tax Code

Parking fees are officially included into the draft Tax Code, which the Cabinet of Ministers sent to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, as reported in AUTO-Consulting. Parking fee will be paid by the companies and entrepreneurs, offering parking services on public roads, sidewalks and municipal parking lots and garages built by local authorities. 
It is significant that the very same text of the Tax Code has already provided opportunities for corruption, as village and city councils must approve by its decision parking lots and a list of persons who will carry out paid parking service there. The authorities have to pass this list to the tax office during 5-day period.  But what are be the criteria for determining whom to give this or that lot ? No word about it in the Law. 
Organizations which are lucky enough to get into the list approved by the village/city council should now regularly pay parking fee equal to the amount of 0,03-0,15% of the minimum salary for each square meter of parking space. 
The object of taxation is the piece of  road, sidewalk or a parking lot. The fee will be paid monthly in advance up to and including the 30th of each month except February. 
The amount of the fee will be established by the local council. 
Thus, a parking attendant will now have to pay monthly 150 - 747 UAH per one parking place. And this is when the minimum salary is 922 UAH. Most likely, in Kiev, particularly in the center, there will be the maximum tariff. 
Of course, getting these additional charges only through the parking fee, the operators will try to recoup already on car owners. What will happen now to the cost of parking? 
It is the first time when the parking fee has been legalized on the level of State Law  as well as the concept of paid parking has been introduced.

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