New development for agroindustrial complex!

New development for agroindustrial complex!
The company "SOKOL" has announced the creation of the first industrial bucket conveyor.

This is a block construction, which combines the vertical, horizontal, angular, loading, unloading, drive and tension section.

The conveyor is designed so, that each enterprise could set the most optimum working hours for themselves. Therefore, the device greatly simplifies the work of agricultural enterprises.

It should be noted, that the company "Sokol" specializes in the construction and repair of facilities for cleaning, drying and storage of grain, and also in the production of equipment for grain elevators. The enterprise offers its services for the installation and commissioning of the equipment.

The company offers current promotions and discounts for its customers. All products meet modern ukrainian and international standards and requirements. Therefore, all industrial enterprises, which cooperate with the company, are satisfied with the quality of the goods and service.

Here you can learn more about the product catalog.

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