Now in Krivoy Rog and Ukraine can be ordered, polymeric poured floors for industrial companies at a bargain price. Our company makes a unique polymer composition under TM "Koutex". What is its uniqueness.

If you say in a few words the first combined high quality and reasonable price in this already have seen those who work with our products or the ordering of liquid polymer flooring in Krivoy Rog, and other regions of Ukraine.

The scope of use of the material is huge. Starting with low-cost thin-layer floor that is kept active foot traffic, to thick floors with quartz fillers that can withstand enormous mechanical stress. These floors are designed for buildings, which moves trucks and loaders. Several enterprises of the country including the Krivoy Rog, self-leveling floors are installed.

It is worth noting that despite the durability of liquid polymer floors, they also possess excellent decorative properties and have a huge range of colors. In addition, our system of color quartz sand, allows you to turn your floor into a beautiful product in which such guiding or dividing lines will be highlighted sand different color dyed, allowing ekspluatirovat a half decades without resorting to paint these lines, so they can not be erased.

Furthermore these types of coatings are perfect for installation in garages, as we have repeatedly used such self-leveling floors in Krivoy Rog, and other regions, service, food and industrial shops farmatsepticheskoy industry.