Lviv Begging "Alms"

Lviv Begging "Alms"

The subject of Ukrainian cities preparation for Euro 2012 does not lose relevance. Not much time has left, but problems are still taking place. Recently, the Lviv City Council Executive Committee asked the Cabinet to allocate UAH 1 billion on preparation for Euro-2012 in 2011.

According to Andriy Sadovy, Mayor of Lviv, these funds are needed for the reconstruction of the airport, the completion of stadium construction, terminal construction, and roads reconstruction.

Andriy Sadovy plans to discuss this issue with Deputy Prime Minister Boris Kolesnikov, during his visit to Lviv.

We recall that in November the Cabinet has already allocated UAH 50 million on the construction and reconstruction of roads of Lviv for the championship.



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  • Ярослав Калька January 30, 2011 1:31 pm
    дуже сумніваюсь, що прохання задовільнять хоча б на половину суми - Йолка не забув звернень по Бандері і їх тональності
  • Руслан Кравцов January 23, 2012 10:20 am
    з листопада 50 млн. грн. вже нема? Чуть більше ніж 2 місяці и знову дай. Може дорогі роблять з підігрівом, та з каучуковим покриттям?
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