Weekend Specials in "Ecovod" - applies to all holidays!

Weekend Specials in "Ecovod" - applies to all holidays!

15% discount on EAB-3 operates in all holiday weekend - with 6.17.16 on 21/06/16 city! Also, buying a EAB-6 - get a gift "Jodis-concentrate" and the book "On the amazing properties of the electro-water."

Jodis-concentrate is a high-quality mineral water enriched with special technology polyatomic iodine ions (Technological Patent PCT / UA 99/00020 of Geneva, Switzerland, 22.08.2001g.) It is intended to eliminate and prevent diseases caused by iodine deficiency, strong radioprotectant. Iodine deficiency reduces mental capacity, even in adulthood, as in the growing generation, with iodine deficiency can cause serious diseases such as - mental retardation, infertility, acute mental disorders, cretinism. Taking Jodis with the electro-biologically active water "Ecovod", you will immediately feel the result of an effective influence on the body! (More information can be read on our website www.ecovod.ub.ua)

Electroactivated water obtained using vehicles "Ecovod" - a high quality, clean, useful and tasty water. Experience in the use and consumption of the electro-water shows its successful use in many countries. Japan, South Korea, USA, Germany, Czech Republic, etc. Moreover, its widespread use not only as a drinking, but also medical water. electroactivation technology makes it possible to get dirty from environmentally clean drinking water with health-improving action, plus powerful tools for health recovery: anolyte and catholyte ( "dead" and "alive" water). These activated water species - not drugs, ie no chemicals, and therefore, they will not harm any human health or the environment. Anolyte and catholyte have a wide range of indications and in many cases, help to get rid of diseases, injuries, traumas, burns ...

Electroactivated water "Ecovod" - the most high-quality drinking water, which is capable of providing state of health of our body!

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