Company " Eсovod " informs you about prolongation of the action "Summer discount -15 % for water electroactivator EAS - 3" to the end of July.

 During this period you can buy water purifiers Discount -15 % + gifts :

 - book "About the amazing properties of the electrowater "

 - book "Silicon and Life"

 - " Jodis - concentrate" is 0.5 liters, the concentration of 40 mg / dm3.

 In this gift literature you can find interesting information about the medicinal properties of the electrowater, to find the answers: what that is the "anolyte " and " catholyte " and their application in everyday life.

Jodis-concentrate is a high-quality mineral water enriched with special technology polyatomic iodine ions (Technological Patent PCT / UA 99/00020 of Geneva, Switzerland, 22.08.2001g.) It is intended to eliminate and prevent diseases caused by iodine deficiency, strong radioprotectant. Iodine deficiency reduces mental capacity, even in adulthood, as in the growing generation, with iodine deficiency can cause serious diseases such as - mental retardation, infertility, acute mental disorders, cretinism. Taking Jodis with the electro- biologically active water " Ekovod ", you will immediately feel the result of an effective influence on the body! (More information can be found on our website).

 Company " Eсovod " wish you all good summer holidays.