Glued laminated timber - not ceasing trend for building houses!

Glued laminated timber - not ceasing trend for building houses!

Environmental friendliness of dwelling - it's a worldwide trend, which has found many followers in our country. Houses made from wood are in high demand because it is practical and beautiful! Coziness of buildings creates a special atmosphere. Naturalness of material provides the inexpressible comfort. In a wooden house walls "breathe" more freely together with its residents! During the day 30% of the air in the room are changed even with the closed windows. Oxygen is supplied continuously, saturating all of space and has a positive effect on the health of house residents!

Construction of wooden houses from glulam - it's a great technology, which speeds up and simplifies the construction. It provides opportunity to create a timber of required form. Gluing individual bars, we will get a ready material of round, square or triangular shape. Don't be afraid of the fact of glue using. It doesn't have any effects on the wood quality, but it increases its strength.

If you're wondering of this issue, whether or not to build such wooden house and what kind of material to choose - please contact us. "Hata-Zrub" - it's a team of specialists who think over and make the best choice for you a reality!

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