Many major Japanese companies after Euromaidan (2014) have been actively conducting economic activities in Ukraine, which is a signal to the rest of the business to invest in Ukraine, Japanese Ambassador to Kyiv Shigeki Sumi said during a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

According to the presidential press service, during the meeting on the occasion of the signing the decree on celebration of the Year of Japan in Ukraine by Poroshenko, the ambassador thanked the president for the high recognition of his country's role.

"It is extremely important. Relations between Japan and Ukraine have never been as close as it is today," Sumi said.

The Japanese diplomat noted the significance of the fact that "after Euromaidan a significant number of large Japanese companies began their active economic activities in Ukraine." .

"If large companies have begun investing in Ukraine, it means that other companies will invest in your country," Sumi said.

He also noted that "the celebration of the Year of Japan is not only important for politicians or businessmen, but also for ordinary people who feel and understand the importance of cooperation between the two countries."