The engineering company "Sokol" offers its customers a novelty - grain cleaner GAF-100. This apparatus was developed by Leonid Fadeev and launched into production. The grain aspirator ZAF-100 is able to process 100 tons of grain per hour.

The main reason that led to the development of this device is the optimization of the process of grain cleaning. To carry out a qualitative cleaning of the grain, one intake will not be enough. But reusable processing can reduce grain quality. Therefore, we undertook the development of a grain aspirator ZFA-100.

Its main advantages are:
1. Due to the influence of a powerful air flow, the grain flow is optimized.
2. The air moves in a closed circle, which helps us to save electricity and prevent dust from escaping outwards.
3. The ability to adjust the performance for different types of crops, and also air flow speed.
4. The possibility of dividing the grain into 2 fractions to separate the grain of the higher and lower classes.

Cleaning of the grain begins from the bunker, from where it enters the rectangular profiled cannel. It has a much larger width than the thickness. With the aid of the consumption regulator of grain, the required productivity is set. This is achieved by changing the position, which ultimately leads to a uniform continuous flow of the falling grain.

The aspirator is patented. You can order it by calling the contact numbers.