Unusual 3D elements casting a feeling of lightness and beauty are the gypsum 3D partitions.

Some relief shape of the gypsum elements creates an unusual 3D effect which is widening and zoning a room.

A gypsum 3D partition technology is getting better.It is known that the partitions improve the interior composition in a building,make it more detailed,that’s why such elements started to use everywhere:in offices,cosy flats,open space flats and big suburban houses.And now one can see them in similar buildings,concert halls.

Gypsum 3D partitions are very popular among the designers.A professional approach to the apartment decoration will allow to find a way of a successful usage of given gypsum elements in the houses.Such items bring some solemnity and luxury to the arcs,ceilings and rosettes as well.But it is to admit that the usage of these decoration in the small dark rooms is inappropriate. 

The gypsum 3D partitions are produced in different forms.

A decorative function of the gypsum 3D partitions is that they make any apartment refined and elegant.These details visually enlarge the height of the ceiling.There is a stereotype that the partitions will fit to the apartment in a classic style.Forget about it!Nowadays such elements will harmoniously accomplish even the modernist and underground style.Plenty of floral,and geometrical ornaments will decorate absolutely any room.These decorative elements can be also well combined with chandeliers.