According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 300,000 breast augmentations are performed every year in the USA alone. This makes this procedure the most popular plastic surgery type in the country and one of the most popular ones in the whole world, putting it above liposuction and rhinoplasty that come second and third respectively.

Reasons for Mammoplasty and Breast Augmentation

Women may consider getting breasts plastic surgery for different reasons. These are:

  • Age-related breasts changes;
  • Changes after pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • Saggy breast after weight loss;
  • Health conditions, including cancer when implants replace real breasts;
  • Aesthetic reasons like undesired shape or size, and more.

In some cases, it is the matter of self-esteem only, as bigger breasts associate with feeling more confident and attractive. In other cases, augmentation is necessary to balance body proportions, as the breasts are actually too small because of hormonal imbalances, genetics, or weight loss. Sometimes, breast augmentation is performed not for breast enlargement itself but for eliminating asymmetry.

What to Consider

While not that long ago, the frequent goal was making breasts significantly larger so that the fact of the surgery was apparent, everything is different today. Most women aim at natural-looking implants, indistinguishable from real breasts or, in case of other surgeries, completely flawless result. This approach requires a much higher level of surgeon’s proficiency and experience.

One of the main issues, associated with choosing a plastic surgery clinic, is the price. Costs for procedures, performed by experienced surgeons in the USA or EU are oftentimes completely devastating.

It is quite obvious that in this case, trying to save on a surgeon, clinic, or quality of implants may be unreasonable and even dangerous. You want the best possible result without further secondary surgeries and side-effects. Luckily, there is one option to get all these and save a significant amount of money. And it means traveling abroad.

Benefits of Getting Breast Augmentation in Kiev’s MedCity

The lower prices for surgeries in countries like Ukraine are explained not by the lower level of service or surgeons’ skills but by the lower overall living costs. In local private clinics, you may expect world-class service and get excellent surgery results on budget.

To give you one great example of such clinics, we want to tell a little about the MedCity clinic that is situated in Kiev. It provides a wide range of beauty procedures and surgeries and promises care and attention to customer’s needs that will exceed your expectations.

MedCity experts have hundreds of successful mammoplasty surgeries in their portfolios ( and just as many happy customers. They will help you choose the perfect size and shape of your implants and advise of other procedures for your beauty transformation. Here you will find surgeons, who know all the latest breast augmentation options and master all the latest techniques to help you achieve the look you dream of. What is more, you will be guided attentively through the whole process, from initial consultation to the post-surgery recovery, and every aspect of your stay away from home will be taken care of.
Probably, you will want to further improve your appearance with liposuction and other procedures with help of MedCity - In any case, you will be surprised by how affordable such a quality can be!