SALE of UNANI phytoproducts line!

SALE of UNANI phytoproducts line!

We offer you the lowest REDUCED PRICE for the UNANI phyto product line. Only 100 hryvnia - this is the best offer to restore health!

The basis of UNANI medicine is the teachings of the Greek physician Hippocrates and the Roman physician Galen, its further development is due to the achievements of Arab and Persian physicians such as Razi, Avicenna (Ibn Sen), Al-Zahravi, and Ibn Nafis.

Eastern medicine, including UNANI, regards the organism as a single system in which the internal balance is disturbed, and it directs all efforts to eliminate the root causes of diseases. At present, a significant part of Western researchers comes to the same conclusion, which since ancient times has been recognized by traditional medicine of all countries and peoples and is formulated in the east as follows: “all chronic diseases come to us from the intestines”. The main components are medicinal and food plants, as well as natural minerals, some animal products. With their help, it is possible to cleanse the body of accumulated toxins - for this purpose, components that stimulate the flow of bile, urine, regulate the functions of the intestine, respiratory organs, have diaphoretic effects, as well as saturate the body with necessary macro and microelements to restore the synthesis of necessary enzymes and hormones.

Leukonil syrup – the complex contains in its composition the most essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to provide the female body with the necessary biologically active substances. It improves blood circulation in the reproductive female organs, provides antioxidant protection, slows down the aging process, has an antitumor effect. Normalizes the processes of digestion and metabolism, has a high bactericidal activity, anti-inflammatory effect.

Nafex syrup – a source of natural biologically active substances for use in seasonal colds and exacerbations of chronic diseases of the respiratory tract, helps mitigate cough. The syrup includes plants that for many centuries have been used to improve the respiratory system, have expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and analgesic effects.

Deenar syrup is a dietary supplement to the diet that is specially designed to normalize the functioning of the liver and biliary tract. It has a mild laxative effect. This is a comprehensive protection that acts at the cellular level. Promotes the elimination of toxins, strengthening the protective functions of the body.

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