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Ukrainian ecologists have found the second Chernobyl

Ukrainian ecologists have found the second Chernobyl

Dnepropetrovsk ecologists were horrified when discovered on the territory of its region the place, where the radiation level is not simply high, it is higher than in Chernobyl. Radioactivity here is in hundreds times higher than maximum permissible rate. The territory of contamination is relatively small - about 500 square metres in wastelands near Dovgivka village of Nikopol district, where about five thousand people live.
As explained by the regional representative of the International Ecological Fund Alexei Vedmidskiy, experts had found places where radiation is higher than 2,5 thousand micro-roentgen per hour (the norm is 30 microroentgens). For comparison, in the Chernobyl zone near the reactor they recorded 500-600 micro-roentgen per hour.
Previously, there was a factory for geochemical uranium mining, which worked like a top secret object. It was closed 27 years ago. The buildings were to have been destroyed, and the area decontaminated. But everything left as it was.
12 years ago, environmentalists have found in local river Kamenka high level of cesium. It turned out that in Dovgivke more than 7 million tons of hazardous processing medium are buried underground. Local residents since then are living without drinking water, it's bitter, it's impossible to drink it.
Recently another danger added. Metal searchers have found "reservoir" of underground utilities. They remove a layer of soil that protect the environment from radiation.
Ecologist Yuri Babinin said that the radiation level here is 20-30 times higher than natural background. That means that radioactive materials which are already disclosed have the negative impact on the environment.



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