More and more people are getting used to shopping online. But how to make their experience of receiving goods seamless and as comfortable as possible?
LOKO CLICK from Modern Expo is a solution system for easy implementation of the CLICK&COLLECT business model.

LOKO CLICK consists of a complex website, a courier application, a customer application, a control dashboard for a retailer and a wide range of postal terminals for different types of business.

Now is the time to invest in the latest omnichannel models! Modern Expo's LOKO CLICK is an ideal solution that will not only help to efficiently organize the last-mile delivery process, but also make it more environmentally friendly.
LOKO CLICK is a comprehensive solution from Modern Expo for the implementation of the CLICK&COLLECT model.
How does it work?
We can distinguish 5 main stages:
• The user buys the product online.
• The courier or store administrator receives a notification in the application about a new order and prepares it for the customer.
• The courier delivers the order to the post office.
• The client automatically receives a message in a convenient messenger that the order is ready for collection.
• The customer picks up the order from the postal terminal from Modern Expo.
Well, that's actually all.
With ready-made and comprehensive solutions from Modern Expo, nothing is complicated, right?