Soon Ukraine will be with electronic management system?

Soon Ukraine will be with electronic management system?

The realisation of National Project "Open World" is the beginning of a national electronic system of governance that will enable the citizens of Ukraine to vote, receive payment certificates via the Internet, to have access to the land registry. That was announced by Vladislav Kaskiv, who is the chairman of the project.

The national project "Open World" foresees the creation of educational infrastructure through a wireless network of the 4th  generation, which has only recently appeared in the leading countries of the world. In particular, the project is to implement a centralized system of education, assessing students' knowledge and the provision of students with 1.5 million of netbooks with subsidized Internet access.

Kaskiv said that, first of all, the project "Open World" will focus on the educational sphere, which will lead to the following results. Students will have equal opportunities for learning through access to multimedia lessons, and will have access to international educational programs. The implementation of the project will bring the Ukrainian system of education to a higher level of quality. Another positive aspect is that the education process will be on a single Ukrainian platform. Also, parents will be able to watch school-work of their child in on-line regime and will have constant access to assessments of their children.



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