Budget of Ukraine properly covers the national debt

Budget of Ukraine properly covers the national debt

The Treasury of Ukraine gave a report about the repayment of government debt and paying interest on it, for both external and domestic creditors. They told that payments are done systematically and in time. For January - December 2010 the appropriations of the amount of 14 billion 202.9 million UAH from state budget of Ukraine are provided for payment of the state debt. As at 6 December  2010  expenses are 13 billion 010.4 mln. UAH.

According to the State Treasury, 25 billion 642.8 million UAH of budget are provided for repayment of state debt for  January - December 2010.  As at 6 December  2010 expenses reached  22 billion, 186, 0 UAH. And that is 3 billion 456.8 mln. UAH less than scheduled and is 86.5%.

Planned government borrowing in January - December 2010 are 93 billion 380.9 million UAH in fact, as of December 6, 2010 the general fund of the state budget received 67 billion 500, 5 million UAH, that is 25 billion 880.4 million UAH less and is 72,3%.



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