Americans are afraid to do business in Ukraine
U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Philip Gordon said that the criminal case of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko and the complexity of conducting business in the country obstructed the U.S. investment inflow to Ukraine.
Ukraine to grow corn
This year's grain harvest is expected to be 45 million tons. 20 million tons of corn are planning to reap. According to analysts, this year corn will show a record harvest.
Frost in Ukraine blocked trade
Frosty weather has blocked trade in Ukraine and reduced the number of tradesmen, but those, who still stay a course, have problems with suppliers. This situation has created serious discomfort for consumers, and in the future it may cause price rises.
Ostrich business in Zaporizhzhya
Zaporizhzhya region began to grow ostrich. It is a profitable business. One egg can feed up eight people. These birds raise long. Weights of 100 kgs achieved in about half of the year.
The Germans are not ready to collect combines in Ukraine
German manufacturers of agricultural machinery see Ukraine as important trade area. But collect their harvesters here, as Ukrainian government wants, the Germans have not planned yet.
To apply for Euro 2012 match tickets will be able until March 2
Citizens of Ukraine will be able to apply for Euro 2012 matches tickets through the national portal of the Ukrainian Football Federation, posted on the UEFA official site till March 2.
Wizz Air can fly to Budapest
Hungarian low-cost carrier Wizz Air is to start Kiev-Budapest flights.
Rospotrebnadzor is going to check Ukrainian cheese producers
Russian Sanitary Service wants to send an inspection at Ukrainian enterprises to control the quality of cheese.
Ukraine-United Kingdom turnover increased  by 24%
British Ambassador to Ukraine Leigh Turner said about the increase of goods turnover between the UK and Ukraine by 24% to 905 million pounds in 2011, he wrote it on his personal blog.
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