European market will open its door for Ukrainian meat?
Today representatives from Food and Veterinary Office will come to Ukraine to assess the status of the existing system of control of animal health in the production of poultry meat, eggs and their products. European experts will be in Ukraine from 6 to 10 December and will define whether Ukraine has conditions for export of relevant products in the European Union.
Ukraine won't be in the foreign trade zone...till 2013 year
Ukraine will join the free trade zone no earlier than 2013. This was noted by the European Commission. It is an optimistic forecast, which can be realized if the parties can maintain the current tempo of the negotiating process.
Ukrainian Companies Failed to Get in the Top 50 World Energy Companies
In the list of the top 50 world largest energy companies in 2010 appeared a new leader. Now the list is headed by the U.S. ExxonMobil. Its capital is $ 368.7 billion. PFC Energy defines top energy companies in the world each year.
Ukraine Negotiates with the U.S. on the Technology of Shale Gas Production
Ukraine is in talks with the U.S. about the use of their developing shale gas technology. The Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said about that at a meeting with German businessmen.
Tigipko expects many benefits from free trade zone with Serbia
Serbia and Ukraine have begun negotiations on a Free Trade Area. Sergii Tigipko said during a visit to Serbia.
Kyiv is in top ten most expensive cities for tourists
The capital of Ukraine ranked the 8th of most expensive cities for travelers. The research involved 50 popular tourist cities in the world.
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