Ukrainian government legalized bribery?
The new Internal Revenue Code of Ukraine, which comes into force on the 1th of January 2011, laid a tax on bribes. Thus, in Article 164 of the "tax base" it is provided that the total monthly (annual) taxable income of the taxpayer includes "funds or property (immaterial assets) received by the taxpayer as a bribe, stolen or found as a treasure, not passed to the State according to the law, in the amounts defined by certain court guilty verdict regardless the penalty.
Tax code will not come into the force on January 1, 2011?
The presentations of the inconsistency of the Tax Code of the Constitution of Ukraine were received by Constitutional Court of Ukraine. As to the head of the Committee on Industrial and Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship Natalia Korolevska, the Tax Code should formally go public till August 15 this year, according to the Budgetary Code, to come into the force on January 1 next year, as the government wants.
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