Pshonka Was Afraid To Speak To The Deputies Of The Verkhovna Rada
Today in the Verkhovna Rada was planned the speech of the Procecutor General Victor Pshonka with a report about a fight between the deputies in the parliament on December 16 this year. However, the deputy prosecutor general of Ukraine Yevhen Blazhevsky came to inform the deputies about the results of the preliminary investigation.
BYuT Will Not Vote For The Azarov's Budget
The BYuT-Batkivshchyna faction representatives will not participate in voting for the adoption of the budget for 2011 because most amendments were not taken into account. According to the deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada, member of the BYuT Mykola Tomenko, the faction position will depend on which comparative table of state budget-2011 will be given to the People's Deputies for a second reading.
OU-PS: In Ukraine Will Be a New Political Force
Leaders of four Ukrainian opposition parties are in talks on uniting into one big opposition.
"Front for Change" to Take Part in the "Demonstration of the Unity of Forces"
Front for Change party representatives will take part in the meeting on Ukraine Collegiality Day, being held at Sofiyska Square in Kyiv. This was said in a letter to the coordinator of National Defence Committee of Ukraine Dmytro Pavlychko.
Individual Deputies formed a New Group
20 individual deputies formed a new group of deputies in parliament called "Reforms for the Future". This was announced by the Speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn.
UPP proposes to develop wind power as an alternative to nuclear
Ukrainian People's Party (UPP) proposed to develop wind power generation instead of opening the Crimean NPP.
19% of Ukrainians Would Vote for the Party of Regions Today
If the elections to the Verkhovna Rada were held to in the near future, 19.1% of Ukrainians would vote for the Party of Regions, 12.9% would support "Batkyvshchyna", the party "Front for Change" would receive 7.7%, the party "Strong Ukraine" - 4.6%, the party "Svoboda"- 3.8%, Communist Party of Ukraine - 3.6%, the party "Udar" - 2.6% of the population's support.
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