On presidential elections in Belarus once again won Lukashenko. Minsk is full of protests
Presidential elections in Belarus, took place on Sunday, were full of mass disorders and pickets against the re-election of Alexander Lukashenko for a fourth term. Thus during the suppression of opposition, the protesters, and even seven opposition candidates were detained in Minsk by forces and police.
Will Ukraine analyse the conflict between Georgia and Russia?
Georgia hopes that Ukraine, during the chairmanship in the OSCE in 2013 will help to resolve the Georgian-Russian conflict, noted the Secretary of National Security and Defence of Georgia Giorgi Bokeria today during a teleconference Kiev-Tbilisi organized by the Institute of World Policy (Kiev) .
Europe irritated by persecution of the opposition in Ukraine
In Europe, they are irritated by the actions of the authorities in Ukraine, which are directed against the opposition. Western politicians are convinced that these are the signs of a politically motivated campaign against the opposition forces. The main ally of Tymoshenko in Europe, the European People's Party, expressed outrage at the increase of power pressure on the opposition and prosecution of opposition leaders.
U.S. do not Believe the Tales from the Ukrainian Authorities
In the United States believe that the Ukrainian government is hiding the real motives of prosecution actions against former officials and members of the opposition. Such a policy is more like a harassment than the real fight against corruption. This opinion was voiced by the Vice President of the Atlantic Council of the United States Damon Wilson in an interview with “Voice of America".
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