Ukrainians prepare 6,200 hotel rooms for guests to Euro-2012
Kiev has almost fulfilled the requirements as for the placing UEFA target groups during the Cup Euro 2012. Out of the 7,300 planned rooms, booked only 6,200 rooms in hotels of different levels of comfort. The rest will be commissioned soon.
Apartments in Kyiv New Buildings Are Sold 40% Faster
Over the past year the pace of sales in new buildings of Kyiv has grown by 40%. In new residential estates of Kyiv, approximately 5 apartments are sold each month on average.
All Ukrainian energy companies to be privatized in 2012
Head of the State Property Fund Oleksandr Ryabchenko has said that Ukraine to get about UAH 10 billion (1 USD - 7.99 UAH) of revenues from privatization of Ukrainian companies in the state budget in 2012.
Ukrainians are overjoyed at Lanos and Hyundai
Car sales ​in Ukraine have grown. Experts say this is due to the surmounting the crisis.
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