Ukrainians Got Free Slovakian Visas
At the end of March 2011, Slovakia began issuing of free national visas for Ukrainians. A bilateral intergovernmental agreement enters into force.
Japan asks Ukraine to render humanitarian aid
Ukraine is preparing to send another consignment of humanitarian aid to Japan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Oleksandr Dikusarov said at a briefing.
One-Third of Ukrainian Young People Ready for Action in Politics
Young people are ready to participate actively in the political process in order to be heard by the authorities.
May 9th to be held in Ukraine without a pompous parade
Ukrainians will celebrate the 66-th anniversary of Victory more modest than a year ago.
Six Ukrainians were awarded in Poland
Six Ukrainians were awarded for the assistance in the flood liquidation in Poland (summer 2010), for the development of Polish-Ukrainian regional cooperation and promotion of Polish culture in Ukraine.
The EU to help Ukraine with the visa regime
According to Justice Minister Oleksandr Lavrynovych, the results of the the Ukraine-EU ministerial meeting on Justice, Freedom and Security, which was held on June 16 in Kiev, the European Union is ready to provide Ukraine expertise and financial assistance for implementing the Action Plan on Visa Liberalization.
What Do Ukrainians Buy and Sell on the Internet?
The statistics of online auction, which is a part of Allegro Group Holding, shows that the things Ukrainians most often sell online are clothes and electronics, and the things they most often buy online are household articles and mobile phones.
Special unit developed in Ukraine
Armed Forces of Ukraine plans to form a separate branch of service - Special Operations Forces. The Chief of General Staff, Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Grygorii Pedchenko has said it during a meeting in Kyiv with Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Admiral James Stavridis.
To get visa to Norway will be easier
Visa facilitation agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway and the readmission agreement between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway, signed on February 13, 2008 in Oslo, come into force on September 1.
Believers celebrate Epiphany today
Today, on January 19, Orthodox Christians and Greek Catholics celebrate one of the oldest Christian holidays - Epiphany.
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